About Angies Fresh Produce

Hey all! We are Angie's Fresh Produce Stand located in the heart of Southport NC- just a hop, skip and jump away from the beautiful beaches of Oak Island.

For the past two years, we have been providing the local communities and beach-going tourists with farm fresh produce grown in NC and bordering states.

Here is a little history about how we came to be. This dream was born a long time ago when my father owned and successfully operated this very same produce stand.

At the time, it was known as “A & A Produce”. It was his passion to provide the community with quality, locally grown food, and he did just that for 14 years. After his passing, our family walked away from the produce business for 10 years.

Last year however, my partner Donnie and I decided to bring my father’s dream back to fruition. And so, here we are, Angie’s Fresh Produce. We could have never anticipated how well the stand would do in 2 short years.

We are eternally grateful to our customers for all your support. You have inspired us to take this vision even further.

We have a nice plot of land located right behind the produce stand, and we have big dreams of turning it into a small running farm. We already have a large chicken coop which has been providing our customers with fresh eggs upon opening.

We are now inspired to grow our own produce, and we have officially sowed our first seeds on the property. Our vision is a farm to table approach. We are currently growing hearty winter lettuces and herbs, but we hope to expand enormously come summertime with a variety of vegetables.

Another project in the works that we are excited about is a U-pick blueberry patch, fruit orchid and U-pick flower fields. Donnie’s family has been involved in the agriculture business for many generations and his family specifically focused on flowers.

The ability to grow food and flowers here on the property allows us to blend our family histories together. In fact, this past year we established a small flower farm on the property and were successful in selling flower arrangements: homegrown wildflowers and sunflowers galore! We can’t wait to provide the community with the ability to come and craft their own floral arrangements right from the gardens.

Stay tuned for future updates on these projects!

Not only do we sell produce, but we also carry an assortment of artisan meats and cheeses, canned and pickled goods, fresh beans, local eggs, raw and boiled peanuts, fresh bread, a plethora of sauces, local raw honey and so much more!

Just like the produce, there are always seasonal new goodies circulating the shelves. Have a business or storefront that you want decorated for the holidays? We do that too!

This past year we not only provided local stores with flower arrangements, but we also decorated several of them with homemade crafts for Halloween and Christmas.

All around, whatever you are searching for you can find here, and if you can’t, we can try and point you in the right direction. We are on Island time here at Angie’s Fresh Produce-easy going and happily waiting to assist you.


Sincerely, Angela and Donnie.

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grocery bag with fruits and vegetables